Grant Writing Coaching, Consultancy & More

Grant Writing Coaching

Working Set Ltd. provides a number of services related to grant writing.

Whether you are a single academic preparing a grant, a large multi-institution consortium putting together a complex bid, a company looking to secure grant funding or a grant funding agency, we can help.

Our services:

  • Grant writing coaching and mentoring programme that is suitable for individuals as well as teams. This continuing professional development programme includes:
    • An introduction to The Grant Hacker’s principles TM.
    • Elements of design thinking.
    • Demonstrates how to use the 12 grant hackers tools TM to implement a successful grant writing process.
    • Introduces “deep work” and its connection to productive grant writing.
    • Includes 12 months of free access to Workli’s deep work coaching and work management platform.


  • Grant consultancy & review:
    • A focused look at your grant writing plan and submission material.
    • Formal assessment of quality using our Grant Hackers scoring cardTM .
    • Actionable insights on how to improve your grant.


  • Grant ideation and crafting workshops:
    • We will work with you to run a grant ideation and crafting workshop suitable to your needs.
    • On-site/off-site brainstorming workshops, writing retreats or on-line/remote pair-writing buddies.
    • All grants resulting from the workshops are quality checked using our Grant Hackers scoring cardTM providing actionable insights on how to improve them.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay